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We believe that equipping Filipinos with the right knowledge and skills needed for responsible financial decision-making in the 21st century is also to equip their household and communities, in general. It’s a fact that when people manage their money well, their family and the community will benefit from the good financial management practice. The sooner a person understands and applies the basic principles of financial EQ, the easier it is to achieve financial security.

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P.E.R.A. Inc. provides customized trainings, webinars, seminars and workshops covering various topics in psychosocial, personal development, customer service, marketing, lifestlyle, mental health, family, school, gender, and leadership.

The content, duration and level of these programs can be adjusted.

Our trainings/webinars may be offered either at the client's office premises or preferred venues, or via online platforms.


Our team can provide a customized program and other related topics with your group/ organization. All our trainings/webinars are subject to discussion and can be tailored fit to serve the needs of your personnel and organization.

Seminars and Workshops

Our team of skilled speakers have over 25 years experience. We offer our seminar and workshop programs on client offices, educational institutes, and at in-house training centres. Our programs are based on leading-edge psychological research and are tailored to the individual needs of each client.


"P.E.R.A. Inc. has provided a wide range of consultancy services, local and abroad, to the government, education authorities, health boards, universities, the courts, companies and organizations, and individuals. Our solutions are designed to directly impact our clients needs and requirements.

Working with companies globally, our team of licensed psychology consultants have extensive experience in helping to raise performance through effective assessment, development and engagement.

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